Residential Spaces

Residential Interior

We believe that a home isn’t just a place where people eat, sleep and repeat routines. It is a place of warmth and love. It is where families see dreams together, get inspired and create memories. When we design your living spaces, we treat them like our own and create them with love, attention to detail and fill them with positive energy for you and your family.


Commercial Spaces

Commercial Interior

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we here at Design Extracts understand the need for a space that is uplifting, motivating and one that drives you to tackle the future head on. We believe in creating commercial spaces where your mind can explore new ideas and your business can grow. We aim at making your business space ideal for you and your potential customers.




A good piece of furniture represents its artisan’s hard work and its owner’s eye for art. We at Design Extracts, pay great attention to detail and pick out the finest furniture for your space. We have catalogues of options to choose from as well as custom building your preferences as alternatives for you to ponder on.


Home Décor

Home Decor

Curtains, lamps, bedsheets, ornaments so on and so forth, the list goes on. A space gets life through its aesthetic decorations that fill it with purpose. We believe in choosing the right furnishings for your spaces by spending time with each client to know about their choices and likings. We customize each project with curated and hand-picked home accessories.


Wall Art

Wall Art

Walls hold stories. Your children’s writings, to scratches when you moved your first furniture in your house, to splashes of sauce when your blender burst. We believe in treating your walls with love, so that they hold the same meaning to you. We choose from wallpapers, quotes, photo frames and paintings to say the same stories, but this time without stains!


Outdoor Spaces

Landscape Design

A balcony or garden to unwind and relax or the welcoming area outside your front door, all these little areas of outdoor space, can set the tone of your residential or commercial project. We at Design Extracts rejuvenate these outdoor areas with our fresh ideas and hardworking artisans.

About Us

Residential And Commercial

Interior Work At DesignExtracts

Design Extracts is an Interior Designing firm based in Pune with team of professional Interior Designers, dedicated to providing high-quality design services for residential and commercial spaces. With 20+ years of experience in this field, we started this firm with the mindset to uplift spaces with creativity and positive energy. We are a team of hardworking artisans, led by a woman entrepreneur, who believe in attention to detail and understanding customer needs, which are the crucial ingredients to success. We understand the value of your money and time, and can work with any space at a budget that suits you. We firmly advocate that one design doesn’t fit all, and so we customize every project according to each customer and their preferences. We build life-long relationships with our clients and understand that each client is different and special in their own unique way. Every person has a dream space in mind, and we bring that to life, in a way that suits your pocket.

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